Top 5 Photography Locations in Memphis

June 25, 2020

Photography locations are key to any successful shoot. The location creates the ambiance that becomes the foundation of the shoot. If you are shooting somewhere vibrant, it creates a mood of happiness and excitement around the shoot. Shooting in a dark alley provides a melancholy tone to the shoot and gives a sense of suspense and secrecy that comes across in the pictures. The photography locations helps to tell the story of the subject(s) which is what the vision of photography is anyway, to tell a story. What better way to do that than to shoot at awesome locations. Here are some the top 5 photography locations in Memphis.

1. Crosstown Concourse

Photography Locations

With it’s array of shops and cultural displays, crosstown has the diversity to shoot an entire session at one location. With an open concept and a variation of themed based options, you are sure to capture your personality and imagination shooting at this location. Let’s be honest, who wants to brave the summer heat and humidity in Memphis. Crosstown gives you the option to shoot during those hot summer months when you’d rather be indoors. With over 1.2 million square footage, you have many options that will help tell your story. Originally built in 1927 as a distribution center for Sears, Roebuck & Co., the massive landmark is now considered a vertical urban village with it’s fair share of arts, business, education, and healthcare making it a true hub, or concourse for visitors.

Red Stairs for Photography
Have you every imagined walking down an amazing flight of stairs on your way to the red carpet? The famous red stairs give you the option to see yourself as the model you are.
Are you more artistic and vibrant? The murals at Crosstown provide the perfect scene to tell your vibrant/artsy story.
How about posing with rustic bricks behind you to provide that awesome contrast and blur seen in so many photographs? Crosstown provides that option to you as well.

For more information on Crosstown, visit

Crosstown definitely gives you the flexibility to have a stunning photo session that will leave you feeling great about your session.

2. Botanical Garden

Photography Locations

The botanical gardens offers colors that are breathtaking and provide multiple options for outdoor photography. The Botanic Garden is the perfect spot for your session during those cool fall evenings and a great spot if you are willing to brave the hot Memphis sun. Located in Memphis for over a decade, the gardens have become a staple visiting spot for tourists. Take a look at some of the beautiful treasures the Botanic Garden has to offer you during your session.

Who doesn’t like a butterfly garden? With tons of greenery and vibrant flowers, you will feel more like you are enjoying life as opposed to taking pictures. Who knows, maybe you’ll get luck and get some butterflies in your image.
Can you imaging laying out in The Japanese Garden during your session? There are huge trees for shade which is needed on those hot summer Memphis days.
Photography Locations
What location would be complete without an awesome bridge? The Japanese Garden features this amazing red bridge over looking water that creates breathtaking images.

With over 25 gardens and trails, the Memphis Botanic Gardens provides enough greenery and shade to capture amazing photos. For more information, visit

3. South Main Arts District

Photography Locations

Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or just enjoy the murals as a backdrop, this historic location has that and much more. Take pictures along the trolley line with headlights in the backdrop or on the steps of the Civil Rights museum. There is no shortage of locations that will make you feel proud of your session and show off where you’re from. Interesting fact in case you are ever on Jeopardy, the area known as South Main was a separate city, the city of South Memphis up until 1850. Remember Taylor’d Enterprise when you win your millions on Jeopardy from this question. Let’s look at some of the main areas of this location.

Outdoor Photography Locations
It all starts with the Orpheum Theatre. Talk about Hollywood in the South. I know you’ve been in the mirror imagining yourself to be the star you are so why not start your journey to stardom in front of this amazing theatre. With bright lights and a touch of Hollywood, this location will make you feel like a star.
For those of you looking to make a bold statement during your session, the historic National Civil Rights Museum gives you the ability to be a part of history and capture moments that would make you feel proud. Create your own history with pictures that one day could be used to tell the story of Memphis. Can’t you see yourself in the history books? I surely can.
Hardwood floor, rustic brick walls, and tons of windows for natural light make this 409 South Main the location a must have spot for your wedding and engagement photos. Not just for weddings though, if you want to add some elegance to your session, this is the place to go.

For more information on South Main, visit

4. Shelby Farms

Photography Locations

With lots of greenery, sunlight, and a lake as your backdrop, Shelby Farms is the perfect location for a session with anyone that loves nature and the outdoor life. Take a seat on the rocks or lay out in the grass to capture natures best looks during your session. With miles of greenery and trails, it’s easy to see why this outdoor location is ideal for the adventurous photo shoot. If that isn’t enough for you, take a quick one mile drive down to the Agricenter and get some shots in the sunflower field. Here are some of the locations offered at Shelby Farms and the Agricenter.

Use the lake and blue skies as an amazing backdrop for your photography session at Shelby Farms. Word to the wise, don’t go when it is too hot….
This trail during the fall season is great for your family fall session. The color of the leaves gives you that fall feeling and lets you know it is almost time for Santa. Pick the perfect outfit colors to provide the desired contrast to your photos.

Visit for more information on the park.

5. Agricenter

The Agricenter is known for it’s extensive crop research but also provides something that no other location has in Memphis. Well, at least not to that magnitude. SUNFLOWERS!!!! Each year, there are thousands upon thousands of sunflowers planted and when they bloom, boy do they look great. Can you imagine taking your pictures in a field of flowers? I know, this comes right out of a Hollywood movie.

Photography Locations
The beautiful sunflower field at The Agricenter.

For more information on The Agricenter, visit

Final Thoughts

I hope you get a chance to check out some of these locations that are hot spots for photography in Memphis. There are many other locations throughout and surrounding the city that provide an excellent location for photography as well. Downtown on the River, Memorial Gardens, Overton Park, and Mid-town are a few other well known spots for photography.

Of course this is my take on locations and we all have our favorite spots to help capture those images that leave a lasting impression. Now location is just part of what you need for an awesome photography experience but it is not all you need. You still need an awesome model and an amazing ability to tell their story through your lens.

Until next time, stay safe and remember to take ideas and turn them into memories that will last a lifetime. For more information on Taylor’d Enterprise, visit us here. You’ll be glad you did.


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